Ahoy Friends! Kristen from Newport Social and Beantown Social. I want to show you how to link your Facebook Fan Page to your Instagram, as well as your Twitter account. The reason behind this is you can post anything FROM Instagram and actually get it to show up on your Facebook page, or if you post on your Facebook Fan Page, you can automatically push it to Twitter.

Here we go! (Instagram–>Facebook)

  1. Click on your settings; right top of your Facebook Fan Page
  2. Click the Instagram tab on the lower lefthand side of your screen
  3. Manually log into your Instagram account
  4. Wait until it refreshes, and confirm your Instagram is correct.


All right! (Facebook–>Twitter)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Link to Twitter next to the Facebook Fan Page or Personal Page you’d like to link
  3. When logged in to Twitter, click Authorize App


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