Okay.. so what is a landing page, really?

Landing pages are thought of differently from business to business. A basic definition is that a landing page is any ‘ol page on the web where someone may land. If you Google “what is a landing page,” the first term that shows up mentions that it’s “…typically the website’s home page.

Yikes–but let’s just go with that for a minute.

If you’ve found this post and you don’t have a proper marketing strategy, your landing page is most likely your site’s home or contact page.

::slaps your wrist::

If that’s the case, download my free eBook, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, & Ideas. If you don’t have a better way to capture the leads who are clicking to your website from web searches or finding your site on social media, then you may want to take a seat. I’m going to tell you a secret. You’re doing it wrong and your website could be working harder for you. We know this from experience. Trust us. We get it.

But don’t hyperventilate just yet, we can show you how to generate leads on your website, or hold your hand.. or even do it for you

For all intents and purposes, we here at Newport Social prefer to define landing pages differently. Raise a toast to your marketing future.

But what does it mean? It means that if someone stumbles upon one of your landing pages, then you must offer that visitor a purpose and define their next step. Buyers want and ultimately need to be told what to do. If you can be of any true help to them in their buying process, you can gain their trust, their business, and hopefully, their well-earned testimonials and social proof.

It’s not a trap. But you’ve fallen for traps before, so you’re still weary of this “witchery…”

You may have already spent your annual “marketing” budget on PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns, ludicrous amounts on “whatever that SEO junk” is without actually knowing what that acronym means… or perhaps you’re blindly sending out emails and directing your subscribers to your homepage or Facebook page… to no avail. Why aren’t they buying??

You’re pulling out your hair and asking the cheap outsourced company you’ve just hired 3 weeks ago why you’re not getting a good return on your investment. They simply reply, “well… it’s a process. Pay us for another 23523 years and you’ll expect to see results. You’re only on the top of Google when we line our pockets with your money.”

They didn’t say that in the beginning. So you’re spent. You’re done. You simply don’t feel like wasting any more money on web marketing.

We get it. We’ve all been there. But it isn’t that bad. It gets better. Think strategy.. not just PPC/SEO/GFY tactics.

Next time you’re about to spend money on your web presence, stop and ask yourself a few important lead generation questions:

  1. Do I want to convert my website visitors into leads?
  2. Do I have any idea why these leads are going to just give my business their email address or phone number?
  3. Does my business have anything to offer leads in exchange for some additional information?
  4. Do I know what to ask for to qualify leads?
  5. Would I be interested in carving out a marketing budget after spending on PPC/SEO and having it go towards something that is proven to work for companies like my own?

If your answers are ~yes, no, no, no, perhaps~ to these questions, then have I got an idea for you! Call me. We can talk. If you answered yes to ALL of them, then great! We’ve got something to chat about on our call… but let’s keep brainstorming about what a good landing page may look like so you’re well informed, firstly, and YOU can ask ME questions. That’s what the comment section is for down there, dontcha know? ? #start the conversation


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